Hey Guys, It’s Frank…

Welcome to my website. Here you’ll find my work, old, new and yet to come. I’ve been making independent films, my way, for the last 20 years. I tend to work on low budgets, in a short time frame and have become adept at being creative within limitations. 

My most recent batch of films (But Then, Sacred Heart and The Valley Monologues) were all filmed at the beginning of this year. They’re based on a new ethos I’m working to, laid out in my new book “8 Simple Steps to Making Your Short Film“, the basic theme of which is shooting in One Day, on One Location, with Two Actors. And using what you have to hand, for example, shooting on your phone. It’s about making it as uncomplicated as possible.

I’ll be posting more about it here, in blog posts, video, a new podcast and with exclusive content on my (soon to be published) Patreon page. Watch this space for more news on that. You can of course find out more about what’s going on with me on me Social pages, check for @frankwkelly on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook. I’m always there, and available to chat.

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