In Development

I have many project in the development, scripts I’m writing, scripts I’ve finished and am look for funding on, and projects that are moving into production soon.

Many of the projects below may never see the light of day. It’s part of this gig, you spend a lot of time of projects that just don’t happen. You wish they all would, but there are only so many hours in the day.

Have a look, it will give you a good sense of what goes on behind the scene, in down time and the kinds of projects I’m interested in making. If anything interests you, feel free to reach out and ask about it.

10 Days in December

This is a feature film script that I’ve had in development for about 7 years. If you click on the title above you can see a 5 minute proof-of-concept we shot in 2016 with actors Greame Coughlan and Grace Fitzgerald, DOP Ivan McCullough.

I love this story, I’m working toward making it my next feature film, but it needs proper funding. It tells the story of Will and Lucy, Will is an Irish, Athiest, Filmmaker, Lucy is an American, Christain, Writer. They meet at a festival and hit it off. When Will invites Lucy to Ireland for Christmas and she accepts, something that is very much out of character for her. But she goes, and is soon swept away with the romance of Ireland, Christmas and this handsome Irish lad leading her by the hand. She finds herself falling for him.

The Painter and the Beekeepers Widow

A short film script. A painter is hired to paint the house of a recently widowed farmer. She reluctantly keeps her husbands bees, with their sweet honey they bring too many painful memories. He paints walls cream and grey but longs to be an artist and work in bright colors. He has an idea to cheer her up, but it backfires, however the fight that ensues ends up bringing them closer together.


A short film script, ready to move into production. It tells the story of a jaded woman, on her way to work, who meets a stranger and silent character each morning who offers her nothing more than a smile. After a while it begins to wear off on her, and she finds warmth within again.

The Life O’Reilly

A TV Show script I’ve been co-writing with Ellen O’Reilly, based on a difficult stage of her own life. It begins with the death of her father, carries on through grief, the discovery of Cancer, her boyfriend cheating on her, job loss, a breakdown, her life completely falling apart in front of her… and that’s all before lunch! But Ellen’s tenacity and unwillingness to be defeated by whatever crap life throws at her keeps her going when others might give up. A comedy about how ridiculous life really is.

This will be a 6 part show. We are about to begin pitching to broadcasters.

The Case of the Angel’s Feet

Gawley Whode is a Private Investigator with a strange name and an uncanny ability to take a punch and keep getting back up. He’s on a simple case, that quickly becomes complicated, and when a dying perp tells him to look for the Angel’s Feet, he finds himself on a path no Angel would dare to tread.


This is a feature film script about a family of painters who have to work through the night to finish 3 houses before the building site closes for Christmas, so they can get a much needed bonus. Behind the scenes however not all is as it seems, there is a family feud, lies, deceit, even a robbery and it all comes to a head tonight.


Next on the slate. A father finds a forgotten toy and is instantly reconnect with this son, Jack. A beautifully poignant vignette by Bill Murphy, I’m looking forward to filming this one in the coming weeks.

Update: I’m happy to report the “Jack” (now retitled “Lily’s Theme”) has completed production!

A Day In The Valley

A feature script about David and Emma, who are very much in love. The only problem is, David is suicidal and Emma is already dead. Today they are going to spend the day together, but when David reveals his plans to be with Emma again she takes exception and ropes in the help of some of David’s dead relatives and friends to talk him out of it and make him realize just how precious life is. A road movie with a suicidal driver and a car full of ghosts, madness is bound to ensue!