There is no better way to bring people together than making a film. It teaches people to collaborate, to step outside their comfort zone, to learn many new skills and to have fun. It is a great group building exercise that will bring people together and can often forge lasting friendships.

I will come to your community group or school to guide you through the process of low-budget independent filmmaking. Over a period of 6 weeks I will workshop your film idea. I will be in attendance with the group for one morning a week, working ideas and building a low-budget production that your group and I will produce.

I will guide the group through every stage of production. Through the writing process, development, pre-production, casting, fundraising, production, post production, marketing and all the way to the premiere.

Reach out to me for a price guide and more information on this process.

Ellen O’Reilly and I working on her TV Show screenplay The Life O’Reilly


I will help you develop your script, whether it is a short film, TV show script or spec feature film screenplay, whether it is Drama, Comedy, Romance or Horror. My aim to to help you tell the best story you can. We will sit together and hammer it out. I will act as a sounding board, a co-writer, a script editor and then point you in the right direction to get your project off the ground.

We will sit together at least once a week in person where we will talk through the troubled areas of your script. If you are writing the film from scratch I will set deadlines, and give you achievable goals and exercises to do before the next session.

My aim will be to help you get your script in the best possible shape possible, and give you the tools to become a better, more confident writer.

Reach out to me for a price guide and more information on this process.

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