Catch Up

Hi there,

So there is a lot of catching up to do. Let’s get started.

All three films I had in production this year have been completed and have been sent off to festivals. I’m happy to report the “But Then” and “Sacred Heart” have been accepted to several film festivals, including Underground Cinema Film Festival, Louth International Film Festival, Richard harris International Film Festival, IndieCork Film Festival, Waterford Film Festival. I’m absolutely thrilled!

The Valley Monologues was finished a little later I’ve just started entering, so no word yet. I am hopeful thought, it turned out to be a very special film.

I also moved the film “Jack”, written by Bill Murphy, from development into production, and it is currently in pre-production and retitled as “Lily’s Theme”. Very much looking forward to finishing this one and having it join my other three films on the road.

Some fantastic news too, my book, “8 Simple Steps to Making Your Short Film”, had a successful kickstarter campaign which will enable me to do a print run of the book. I have engaged with the printer and we’re moving forward on the project. So it should be available to purchase on the website here soon.

I’m developing new things for next year, and hopefully I can share info on those projects with you soon. In the meantime it’s been a busy, creative and incredibly fulfilling year.

More soon.

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